Board of Directors

Lorena Lorraine Pulido

Dr. Lorraine Pulido, Vice Chair

Vice Chair Dr. Lorraine Pulido is the Communications Manager for VIA Metropolitan Transit. She has more than 13 years’ experience in the marketing and communications industry, previously serving as public relations manager for the City of San Antonio and the Health Department. She also serves as an adjunct faculty member in the communications department at Texas A&M San Antonio and has been a member of the Brooks Board of Directors since 2017.

Get to know Dr. Lorraine Pulido!

  • Why did you choose to be a Brooks Gives Back Board Member?
    • As a board member of Brooks Gives Back, it’s a true blessing to play a role in helping to raise funds that benefit non-profit organizations that serve my beloved Southside community. By supporting them, we help elevate all of San Antonio.
  • You are a talk show host, who is your first guest?
    • If I were a talk show host, my first guest would be my paternal grandfather. I never had the opportunity to meet him, and neither did my dad. He passed away before my dad’s birth. I’d want to ask my great grandfather more about my family history and culture. I’d love to learn more about a typical day working on the family ranch, milking the cows, and delivering milk to the residents of the small town from which he hailed.
  • If you were given a one-minute ad slot during the Super Bowl that you couldn’t sell, what would you fill it with?
    • The one-minute ad would focus on a non-profit dear to my heart: the American Heart Association. It would increase awareness on how to have a healthy heart and how prevention is key. Both my mom and dad passed away after experiencing heart attacks. My mother died in 2014; my father in 2012.
  • What problem or situation did TV or movies make you think would be common, but when you grew up you found out it wasn’t?
    • I remember watching “Airplane” as a young girl, and wondering if it was safe to fly! Luckily, when I boarded an airplane for the first time with my family a few years later, the journey wasn’t as chaotic as the movie had illustrated (thankfully).

Stay up-to-date on the Brooks Gives Back mission.

Stay up-to-date on the Brooks Gives Back mission.

Stay up-to-date on the Brooks Gives Back mission.

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Brooks Gives Back is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that serves as the vehicle by which all members of the Brooks community can invest in nonprofit initiatives impacting people in the neighborhoods surrounding Brooks.

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