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Stoney Burke, Treasurer

Stoney Burke is responsible for the financial stability of the Brooks organization via day-to-day management of the Finance and Accounting departments. He is also the Treasurer for the Brooks Property Owners Association, a Texas nonprofit corporation.

Mr. Burke joined the Brooks team in January 2013 and previously served as the Senior Finance Manager responsible for contracts, compliance, and budgets. Prior to Brooks, Stoney enlisted in the United States Marine Corps at age 17 where he served 23 years on both Reserve and Active duty.

Stoney is a graduate of the following federal government residential finance and leadership-based courses:

USMC Enlisted Supply Basic Course
Micro-Purchase Procedures
DOD Travel Card Program Course (Supervisor)
Small Purchasing & Contracting
Contract Administration
USMC Non-Commissioned Officers Academy
USMC Staff Non-Commissioned Officers Academy
USMC Basic Recruiter Course
In addition, Stoney has completed the following non-residential finance and leadership-based course:

Leading Marines
Counseling Marines
Defense Federal Acquisitions Regulation Supplement Fundamentals
Contingency Contracting
Personal Financial Management

Stay up-to-date on the Brooks Gives Back mission.

Stay up-to-date on the Brooks Gives Back mission.

Stay up-to-date on the Brooks Gives Back mission.

Brooks Gives Back
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Brooks Gives Back
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Brooks Gives Back is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that serves as the vehicle by which all members of the Brooks community can invest in nonprofit initiatives impacting people in the neighborhoods surrounding Brooks.

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