Brooks Gives Back makes annual commitments to local non-profits that serve the Brooks region

Brooks Gives Back announced the disbursement of $200,000, the largest gift in any given year. As a part of its 5th annual cash awards, Brooks Gives Back distributed funding to six local nonprofit organizations: Child Advocates San Antonio, The Children’s Shelter, Meals on Wheels San Antonio, Presa Community Center, Ride Connect Texas, and Vibrant Works. Additionally, Brooks Gives Back increased it’s three-year-long commitments to Any Baby Can San Antonio and Boys and Girls Clubs of San Antonio.

“We’ve set a precedence with this year’s give, and we hope we continue to break our own record,” said David Marquez, Chairman of Brooks Gives Back. “The Board understands the important role we play in giving back to the community. It is imperative that these funds go to nonprofit organizations that provide vital resources to the community surrounding Brooks.”

“Being able to see how the youth, families, and seniors are impacted by Brooks Gives Back and the work of local non-profits helps us realize the Brooks mission,” said Leo Gomez, Brooks President & CEO. “Our goal is to build a dynamic, sustainable and inclusive community and we are confident that the partnerships announced today will continue to make a difference in our corner of San Antonio.”

Brooks Gives Back distributed four cash awards of $20,000 to: Child Advocates San Antonio, The Children’s Shelter, Meals on Wheels San Antonio, and Presa Community Center. Additionally, a three-year commitment of $25,000 was each distributed to Ride Connect Texas and Vibrant Works, formerly San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

  • Child Advocates San Antonio assists youth across the region by strengthening the support system for children in those areas that enter the Bexar County foster system.
  • Meals on Wheels San Antonio prepares and delivers 1.9 million meals to over 7,000 seniors annually in the Bexar County and South-Central Texas region.
  • Presa Community Center provides support services, like transportation, food support, employment resources, and youth programs for many in the Brooks region.
  • Ride Connect Texas serves over 500 adults over 60 and people with disabilities within the Brooks region by providing free transportation.
  • Vibrant Works serves those experiencing vision loss by providing rehabilitation services as well as employment for the blind and visually impaired, which has included more than 2,000 services across the Brooks area

Moreover, Any Baby Can and Boys and Girls Clubs of San Antonio were awarded an increase of their annual commitment, for year 2 of 3, from $25,000 to $35,000. All funds are designated to support the expansion of programs that support additional families in the Brooks impact area, which is identified by three zip codes (78235, 78223, and 78214).

  • Any Baby Can San Antonio currently serves 280 families in the Brooks area to provide support for children facing serious health or development challenges.
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio support nearly 1,000 youth, in the Brooks area, through after school and educational programming.

Brooks formed Brooks Gives Back after recognizing the need for a community-centric organization to support the mixed-use community’s mission of promoting and developing a dynamic, sustainable, and inclusive community. Brooks Give Back’s vision is for all who live, work, learn, play, and stay at Brooks to be vested in the ideals of the common good, generosity and aspirational growth for the entire Brooks family.

Since 2019, Brooks Gives Back has gifted nearly $500,000.