The grant will fund bicycles that will provide students the opportunity to develop health and fitness levels while utilizing nearby trails at The Greenline.

Judy Geelhoed, Executive Director of The SAISD Foundation, awarded Margo Gomez, P.E. Teacher at CAST Med, with an Innovative Grant for her project, "Bike Riding for Life." The grant will fund 25 bicycles and equipment that will provide students with the opportunity to bike ride during class at The Greenline, a nearby park in Brooks. Brooks Director of Strategy and Communications, Connie Gonzalez, announced that a separate grant awarded to The SAISD Foundation will help fund a storage shed for the bicycles. Ms. Gomez was joined by CAST Med Principal, Dr. Eddie Muzquiz Rodriguez and Jeanne Russell, Executive Director of the CAST Schools Network.

About the Project:

The “Bike Riding for Life” project aligns with CAST Med's goal of providing quality instruction for all students that is engaging, relevant, and motivating to increase student achievement. The curriculum will include learning the basic mechanics of a bicycle, bike safety, riding for enjoyment, and promote integrating bike riding into their fitness plans. Another component to overall health is the social and emotional learning (SEL) aspect. Social and emotional learning skills and motivational factors are critical for school age children to reach their full potential and develop confidence leading to become healthy, productive and happy adults.

"This grant will provide for an opportunity to develop health and fitness levels while utilizing nearby trails. This, in turn, will provide students with enjoyment and the ability to foster lifelong wellness at school and home."

-Margo Gomez, CAST Med P.E. Teacher